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Luogo Ameno - Art Residency - Calabria // Italy - Ines von Bonhorst


Luogo Ameno – Art Residency – Calabria // Italy

  • February 27, 2017

A work by: Ines von Bonhorst and Yuri Pirondi (video/performance), Paulo Morais (sound/installation), Alexandra Baybutt (performance).
Luogo Ameno is an art project that explores the memories and the emotive response of the town of Pizzo and the abandoned spaces of the 1960s Cinema Mele.
The residency/event took place at ExCinemaMeleAperto in Pizzo Calabro, Italy on August 2016
Thanks to Giuseppe Mele, Aldo Scuticchio e Pino Granatiero.

Luogo Ameno was reviewed in the amazing italian art magazines:

SEGNO: http://www.rivistasegno.eu/luogo-ameno/
ATP Diary: http://atpdiary.com/ecma-nuovo-spazio-espositivo-in-calabria-intervista-con-gli-organizzatori/
KRITIKA ONLINE: http://www.kritikaonline.com/luogo-ameno-yuri-pirondi-ines-von-bonhorst/