Ines von Bonhorst is originally from Portugal and is based in London. She has a BA(Hons) inFilm & TV production from Westminster University and an HND in Multimedia from The Kent Institute of Art and Design.  She is a Director, Producer and Video Artist who has been active for over 15 years. Her works range from documentaries, long and short films, experimental films and video art installations, produced in the UK, Italy, Portugal and at various global locations.

In her work she often explores notions of identity, form, human limit within a physical and mental realm and our relationship with society using the subconscious, surrealism and the counterfeit of being. She loves to mix the deceptive of the performance art, theater, circus, with life itself and thinks that the boundaries between the two realities are not so far from each other. Von Bonhorst uses space, architecture and mood as a way to tell a story or represent the sensations given by the location itself.

Many of her works try to create a spatial relationship between participants, she tries to create a connection between the real and the fictitious and aims to provoke sensations taken from our actual society such as anxiety, fear, love, claustrophobia and so on.
She interacts with the viewer using her video installations in a way that the audience can gain a new insight into their own idea of existence. Von Bonhorst’s works often come as a result of prolific collaborations between different artists, such as composers, performers and visual artists.

Film Selections and projects 2017

– Several art magazines wrote about our art residency “Reminiscencia”
– “Allegoria”
won Best Author Fashion Movie at the Porto Fashion Film Festival
– “Allegoria”
official selection in Porto fashion film festival
– “LinesRetta”
official selection in Palermo sport film festival
– “Lines Retta” official selection in the Côte d’Azur Sport Film Festival FICTS
– Ines von Bonhorst
was part of the art residency “Reminiscencia” organised by the Museum of Light (Museu da Luz) PT
– Ines von Bonhorst
create live videos for the Italian band Biasanot, during the Banday Festival, IT
– “Influx”
video art, was part of the Now&After festival in Moscow
– “Allegoria”
was nominated for Best cinematographer, Best Make-up and Best Narration
– “Lines Retta”
documentary was presented at Mediateca Santa teresa, Milan
– Several magazines
publish articles about our art residency in Calabria, IT, “Luogo Ameno”
– “Queen”
was published in Elegant Magazine
– “Allegoria”
Official selection at La Jolla fashion film festival
official selection at Canadian International Fashion Film Festival.
– “Queen”
an art\fashion film directed by me and Yuri Pirondi was selected to be screened at Boked South Africa fashion film festival, SA
– Presented several art films and gave a lecture at the Oscar film School of Kathmandu, Nepal

Film Selections and projects 2016

“Impetus” was part of Krises exhibition, curated by Something Human, presented in Nottingham, UK
–  “Influx” was presented in the festival “Now & After” curated by “Still Labs”, Moscow, Russia
“La Bella dorme” Live video projection accompanied by the Italian band “Biasanot”, at the theatre traisi di Nantola, Italy
– The art\fashion film “Alegoria” directed by me and Yuri Pirondi was accepted at the La Jolla fashion film festival, California, USA
– 12 days of art residence in the “Cinema Mele” that originated an exhibition called “Luogo ameno”, Calabria, Italy
– Curated and presented a photography exhibition, together with the video art –  “Memorabilia” – GivLow, Lisbon, Portugal
“Areia” was part of a virtual show Web Art Center, curated by Fonlad, Portugal
“Areia” was presented in Ibrida festival, part of the selection of videos of Fonlad festival, Corli, Italy
“Areia” was presented in Water museum in Coimbra, curated by Fonlad festival, Coimbra, Portugal
– Live video and presented several video art works at the festival – Parklive – Italy
“Void Shades” was presented at the festival – Identità e violenza, in Arci di Bergamo – Italy
“Impetus” presented at the festival The Carnival of creativity, organised by Wilfried Agricola de Cologna – India

Film Selections 2015

– Official selection in Video Poetry festival, Athens, Greece (“Areia”)
– “Emergencia”
was presented in Sakura Works, Yokohama – Japan
– “Emergencia”
was presented in Re/Azione event in Forlí, Italy
– Official Selection at InShadow festival, Lisbon, Portugal (‘”Emergencia”)
– Official selection at Nicosia dance festival, Cypros (“Extant”)
– “Emergencia” was showed at the Sobering Galerie in Paris
– Mediator in the open talks in the Antonio Arroio art school, Lisbon
– Part of the exhibition Mnemonic city Lisbon Sept 15
“Surmout” Live performance was presented in Lisbon, part of TOR collective
– Official selection at the “MOVE IN (OUT)” project in Lisbon (“Impetus”)
– Official selection at the “MOVE IN (OUT)” project in Skopje (“Impetus”)
– Mediator in the open talks in Largo Residências, Lisbon
– Official selection for Mnemonic city Lisbon video art night, Lisbon (“Impetus”)
– Invited for a open talk in Bar Irreal, Lisbon
“The Landing” performance was presented at Bar Irreal, Lisbon
– Award of a month of residency in Lisbon part of Mnemonic City Lisbon
“The Tenants” Live performance was presented at the Barbican Center in London
“The Tenants” Installation was presented at the Barbican Center in London
– Official selection at the Video Danza BA / Buenos Aires / Argentina (“Extant”)
– Official selection at the Cine Dance Festival – Québec / Canada (“Extant”)
– Official selection at the Dance film festival UK – London (“Extant” & “Noctiluca”)
– Official selection at the Kalamata Dance Festival, Curated by Festival Miden, Greece (“Standing Silence”)
One of the funders of  Tor Collaboration group
– “Time Machine”
Performance/Installation was presented on the Cave Pecinka, Slovenia
– “Time Machine”
Performance/Installation was presented in Via rastello, Italy
– Award of a 12 days art residency at “Invisible cities festival” in Gorizia, Italy
was showed at the national institute of fine arts, Tetouan, Marrocos
was showed at Sala Rekalde, Bilbao, Spain
was showed at Kulter, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Was showed at Zeta Art Center & Gallery, Tirana, Albany
– “UnPair”
Fashion movie was publish in Creem Magazine, UK
– “Pair”
Fashion movie was publish in Elegant Magazine, UK
– “Emergencia”
was showed at Expressive Art Institute, San Diego, California, USA

Film Selections 2014

– “The Queen’s Boudoir “ was presented in “Spill Festival 2014”, UK
– “Impetus”
was presented in “FFS, Studio of Young Photographers Hungary”, Budapest
– “The Guise” was presented in Museum of Vila Velha, vila Real, Portugal
– “Emergencia” was presented in TAM Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, USA
– “Emergencia” was presented in The Others Art Fair, Turin, Italy
– “Eterno” was presented in Hackney Wicked Festival by Lab film festival, London
– “Eterno” was presented in Xenos Gallery, Florence
– “Eterno” was presented in the Piazza Santo Spirito, Florence
Art Residence “Almanco Migratório” in the Sardinian village of Argentiera – Film – “Sottosuolo”
– Our live performance “Cleave” was presented in Leopoldina Convent part of the Monna lisa Festival in Florence.
“The Guise”, “Emergencia” and “Impetus” films were part of the Monna Lisa Festival in Florence, presented at the Leopoldina Convent.
– Official Selection at the TRASBOARDA video art festival, Alcobaça, Portugal ( “Emergencia”)
– Official Selection at the International dance Online Film festival (choose in between 270 videos), (“Innermost”)
– Official Selection at Shortcuts – Experimental Dance Film Competition in 360 full dome, Austria (“Impetus” and “Immutable”)
– Official Selection at VIII Mostra Internacional de Videodança de São Carlos, Brazil (“The Guise”, “Emergencia” and “Impetus”)
– “Innermost” is presented at Biagiotti Gallery, Florence
– Official Selection in Cologne OFF Festival, Germany (“Emergencia”)
– Official Selection in Fonlad Video Festival, Portugal (“Impetus” & “Standing Silence”)
Tierra Firme featured Documentary screen at Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Romania.
– Collective Magma show at Biagiotti Gallery, Florence, Italy.
“Immutable” official selection for (.BOX) Milan
– Presentation of the performance “Innermind” in V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)
“Impetus” is part of the project Move with (out) and was presented in Singapore on The Arts House, Sculpture Square and Aliwal Art Center in conjunction with Art Week 2014

Film Selections 2013

“Impetus” was screen at Richmix, London
“Standing Silence” was screen in 100 Years Gallery, London
–  Official Selection at MADATAC Video festival, Madrid – (“The Guise”)
“Standing Silence” (Curated by Miden Festival) official selection in VideoBabel festival 2013, Cuzco, Peru
– “Impetus” is part of the project Move with (out) and was presented in Belgrade on Remont gallery
“Impetus” is part of the project Move with (out) and was presented in Venice Biennale on 3D gallery and Officina delle Zattere

–  Official Selection in Klex2013 , Malaysia – (“The Guise” & “Emergencia”)

– Tierra Firme feature Documentary was screen at Richmix Cinema – Part of Casa Latin American Festival
– Tierra Firme feature Documentary was screen in Bogocine festival – The main Cinema Festival in Bogota

– Official Selection – Top ten film selected by the Jury in Facade Festival (“Standing Silence”)
– Official Selection in Facade Festival, Bulgaria – (“Standing Silence” & “Emergencia”)
– Official Selection in Cologne OFF Festival, Germany (“Emergencia”)
– Official Selection in Festival Miden 2013, Greece (“Standing Silence”, “Emergencia” & “Glow-Worm”)
– Official Selection in Fonlad video Festival, Portugal (“The Guise”)
– Official Selection in Alternatif-Art, Paris, France (“Influx”)
– Official Selection the Art film Cannes Festival, (AVIFF Cannes), France (“Glow-Worm)
– Official Selection the 5to International video art Festival, Camagüey 2013 Cuba (“Standing Silence”)
– Official Selection the HEP 2013 video art Festival, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal (“Emergencia”)
– “The Guise film” was screened on .Box Video Art Space, Milan
– “The Guise film” was screened in Fest Art, Milan, Italy
– “The Guise film” was screened in the main Art Fair in Jaén (AtJaen), Spain

 Film Selections 2012

– Official Selection – best of ten films in Proyector Festival
– Official Selection in Proyector Festival, Spain
– Official selection to screen live in Visual container TV