• April 29, 2015

“Cleave” is an experimental live piece shown at the Ex Convent of Leopoldine in Florence during the Mona Lisa Day Festival.

Directed by Yuri Pirondi and Ines von Bonhorst
Performed by Alexandra Baybutt
Music by Matteo Penta

Thanks to João Leitão and Bill Howard for the video documentation.

About the artists:

The collective of artists is composed by two visual artist/film directors, Ines von Bonhorst & Yuri Pirondi, a dancer, Alexandra baybutt and one musician, Matteo Penta.

This specific performance try to find methods to use the image, movement and sound, creating a new sensorial experience. The videos are based on travels on both known and unknown places, where dream and reality are mixed and leave the audience the freedom to find their own path. The performance itself creates a spatial relationship between participants. The film, dance and sound create a connection between the real and the fictitious and aims to provoke sensations taken from the actual society.