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  • April 30, 2013

(Inspired from some phrases of Fernando Pessoa)

How idyllic life would be, if it were lived by another person?
I subsist as a kind of medium of myself, but I’m less real than the others, less substantial, less personal, and easily influenced by them all….
I’ve always belonged to what isn’t where I am and to what I could never be…
I’ve no idea of myself. I am a nomadic wanderer through my consciousness….
I have the tendency to create around me a fictitious world, surrounding myself with friends and acquaintances that never existed….
I’m the empty stage where various actors act out various plays,
I suffer the delicacy of my feelings with disdainful attention…
I break my soul into pieces, and into different persons…
An aspect of hysteria that exists within me…
It’s our own concept, our own selves that we love,
The self-division of the “I” is a common phenomenon in cases of masturbation,
Unceasingly I feel that I was other, that I felt other, that I thought other…
I am a spectator of myself…I created myself, crevasse and echo, by thinking.
I multiplied myself by introspection…I am other even in my way of being…

Ines von Bonhorst

Director/Editor/Camera operator
Ines von Bonhorst

Performed by
Madalena Pinto

Color Correction by
Yuri Pirondi

Music by
Hur Hur (Wheel Pyora)