Open Talks & Lectures

  • December 9, 2015

(Pictures by Tânia Neves – http://travellingwithtania.com/)
I had the pleasure to give an open talk//class to almost 100 students at the Oscar International film school based in Kathmandu Nepal

Artistic School Antonio Arroio

Open Talk about the collaboration project between the London art collective “Magma” and the Portuguese art space “Roundabout.lx“.
“Magma” together with “Roundabout.lx” done a project called Mnemonic city.
The talk was based in Lisbon art school “Antonio Arroio

Open Talk in Largo das residencias - Lisboa

I had the pleasure to have a open talk in “Largo das Residências” in Lisbon, speaking about the relation between the art in London and Lisbon.
Plano Lisboa + Magma Collective + Roundabout.LX

Open Talk in Bar IrrealOpen Talk in Bar Irreal

Magma Collective and Roundabout.Lx had a open talk about art in Lisbon and London in Bar Irreal, curated by Plano Lisboa