Short Films


  • April 30, 2013


This film explores how the self-identity and behavior of an individual is influenced by how that person is labeled and portrayed by others in society and how does the majority tend to negatively label minorities or those people who are seen as deviant from the norms of society.
One’s social rank is generally hidden without clothing and one is united with humanity and has less regard to a person’s wealth, position, nationality, race and sex.

Blending together a variety of materials, techniques, looks and sounds the film is a mix of in-depth situations with 4 different set ups.
The clothes are seen as ridiculous and the nudity as natural, the concept of returning to nature, and creating equality are also cited as inspiration, clothes are unnecessary, unhealthy and build social barriers.

The title is “Deviant”, as the main meaning is “beliefs or conditions that violate significant norms of society, or the group in which it occurs”.

“I believe that there is nothing inherently deviant in any human act; something is deviant only because some people have been successful in labeling it so. Therefore this film will be my provocative view on the topic.” Ines von Bonhorst


Ringmaster – Guy Roberts
Posh woman – Jo Ball
Businessman – Mark Danny
Conservative girl – Vanessa Suss
Clown 1 – Madalena Pinto
Clown 2 – Andreas Velasquez
Addicted girl – Anna Burel
Crazy Character – Ludovic Helin
Crazy Character 2 – Mattias Grip


Arta Gashi
Toni Ashcroft
Adrian Ellis
Lennie. H
Matilde Menezes Ferreira


Director/Producer– Ines von Bonhorst
Poem Written by Ines von Bonhorst & Samuel Waters
Director of Photography – Yuri Pirondi
Camera – Paola Greco
Art Director – Samuel Waters
Editor – Craig Sheppard
Costume Design – Momoko Nishizono
Make/up Artist – Soonhi Tano
Hair Designer – Yoshitaka Miyazaki
Composer – Cato Hoeben
Animation – Bruno Dias
Colorist Yuri Pirondi

Assistant Producer – Dave Richter
Location Assistant – Debbie Rivett
Assistant Art director – Theo White
– Ellen M Guy
– Bento Silva
Clapper Board – Daniel Hurley
Sound designer – Cato Hoeben
Assistant sound design – Peter Gomes
Sound Editor & Foley – Peter Gomes
Boon operator – Peter Gomes
Bento Silva
Sound Mixer on location – Kasia Kosiarska
– Peter Gomes
Floor runners – Daniel Hurley
Nicholas Akass
Still Photography – Pedro Ochoa
Screen grabs TV – Stephen Davis

Special Thanks to:

Jon Berntsen Huseby
Ana Cristina Umbelina
Roberta Santos
All the people involved in the project
Under the Dust Studios for everything
Gossip Café – Broadway Market
Jaime Valtierra
Dave Richter
John Ryder
Paul Thomson