Short Films


  • April 30, 2013

Scapegoat was done as part of a project made by The Mission Arts Club.
24 artists from different social backgrounds and nationalities were invited to produce a “Cut-and-Paste” transliteration of The Balcony in celebration of his life and work.
Each artist worked on a fragment/scene from the play inspired by their understanding and reading of the material.
The work was presented in different media, inclusive of all current practice and disciplines; performance theatre, painting, drawing, digital media, new puppetry, corporeal mime and musical orchestration.
The final pieces were presented in Madrid and London.

Jean Genet’s “The Balcony” is a story about a house of Illusions. Genet uses the setting of a brothel where characters of the story role-play important, political people as they asminister pleasure to their clients.
Scapegoat take inspiration on the second scene of the balcony, where a client play out a fantasy as a judge. His whore plays a thief who is about to be executed by the executioner. Mostly, the Judge is the one who is humiliated for his own pleasure.
Like many of Genet’s works, the play was inspired by Genet’s contempt for society and obsession with topics such as sex, prostitution, politics, and revolution.


Judge David Richter
Witness 1 Greta Lange
Witness 2 Lydie Luc
Cleaner Bento Silva


Eve Tenenbaum
Miguel Romo
Dave Book
Madalena Pinto
Ziggy Sirgel

Director & Producer Ines von Bonhorst
Cinematography Yuri Pirondi
Costume Design Anna Burel
Second Camera Debbie Rivett
Boom Operator Bento Silva
Visuals Jaime Valtierra
Music Score Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh
Sound Effects Joni-li Lesli & Jez Houghton
Sound Editing Rui Fradinho
Editor Ines von Bonhorst