Art Videos

Standing Silence

  • April 30, 2013

The factories were largely responsible for the rise of the modern city, as large numbers of workers migrated into the cities in search of employment in the factories.

As the world moves away from the Industrial Age and deeper into the Information Age, the relics of our former industries can been seen aging and abandoned. Since they can’t be used, they simply sit and gather the layers of time that make them fascinating until they are demolished, repurposed, or completely forgotten about.  These abandoned factories, have served their useful lives and now they stand in silence.

Ines tried to explore the ways that human beings can use the factory roof as an aesthetic form and a way of expression, using color, movement and objects to describe it.

She invited six different artists and give them different areas of the rooftop each. She gave them the freedom to create a unique performance inspired her concept.

Directed by
Ines von Bonhorst

Cinematography by
Yuri Pirondi

Performed by
Eve Tenenbaum
Madalena Pinto
Amos Shein
Marlon Random
Jules Thomasset
Max Max

Music live recorded at Under the Dust Studios
by Roberto Crippa