Surmount – Lisbon

  • December 9, 2015

Performance at Rua Cidade de Liverpool, Lisbon, Portugal

Surmount takes inspiration by the melancholia of the Portuguese word “Fado” and “Saudade”.
It represents the endurance of men that in the past traveled on the seven seas and the strength of the women that had to wait and carry on the life of their families on land.

Even today with all the economical struggle the Portuguese people still face some difficult situations.

Our idea is a positive rather than a negative one. In our performance the woman carries on different objects founded in the streets of Lisbon on her back. She found difficulties to step the long stairs in front of her, she slowly gains straight and finally arrives on the top of the hill.

This project is part of the Mnemonic Cities project, a three-week residency in Lisbon, culminating in a week of exhibitions and performance across multiple sites. For more info please visit: