Tenants – Barbican Art Centre

  • December 9, 2015

Tenants is a performative collaboration between video artists Yuri Pirondi & Ines Von Bonhorst, movement artist Alexandra Baybutt and musicians Heidi Heidelberg and Mauricio Velasierra (Bitch’n’Monk).

The performance takes as inspiration the biblical myth of the Tower of Babel, as the artists reflect on the cosmopolitan city of London as a site of struggle for different cultures and lives. Exploring conceptually and architecturally the ’verticality’ associated with the ‘Tower’ the artists document tower blocks in different locations, capturing voyeuristic observations of the tenants, workers and passersby in their everyday environments.

Bringing the video material together with live movement, the performance within the Barbican continues this exploration of elevated shape with the human form and movement. Unlike the rigidity of concrete, glass and steel, the dancer wearing sculptural attire brings movement, flexibility and malleability that can express unpredictability and the impetus for change and escape – a living, breathing intervention accompanied by the sounds of the flute, guitar and singing.