Time Machine – Cave Pecinka

  • June 12, 2015
Performance-installation // In\Visible Cities multimedia festival in Gorizia/Miren, Italy/Slovenia

This was the result of a 5-day art residency in Gorizia, one of the several strands of the multimedia and performance festival In\Visible Cities festival, 
a European Cultural Fund project. Drawing together archive footage from WWI, performance for the camera shot in Gorizia
and around the controversial border that surrounds the area, the film was projected onto a large fabric screen, to which the performer was attached.The cyclical nature of constructing, destroying and rebuilding cities is presented with an ambiguous figure who both affects the verticality of the screen and creates multiple meanings through human and animal movement.
The performance took place in a street in Gorizia (Italy) and in a prehistorical cave around Miren (Slovenia) used during WWI as a refuge by Austro-hungarian forces .

The original sound score was composed by Alessandro Ruzzier.The Installation was created as part of the residency described above, this installation of film was projected onto a screen hung high in a street so audiences could pass beneath. Forming a loop, the images sought to avoid resolution, highlighting the ongoing process of city evolution, 
albeit at many different speeds.
Performed by Alexandra Baybutt, film directed by Ines von Bonhorst & Yuri Pirondi

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